Advanced Research Robots

Robots For Advanced Research

Advanced Research Robots are available in varying skill levels and advanced operating functions. These new technologies are designed to aid in the further development of research and technical understanding.

KT-X PRO, KT-X PC and VisiON 4G are highly regarded and distinguished robots in their class. These robots were constructed with the latest in robotics technology. KT-X Gladiator Pro bipedal robot is an upgraded version of the KT-X series. KT-X Pro has three times more torque than the original design, with increased accuracy and range of fluid motion.

KT-X PC is a low cost design, which incorporates the VisiON 4G technologies. KT-X PC is operated by an internal PC and is motor controlled in a robot frame. It features an onboard PC and vision system for expanded research capabilities.

VisiON 4G

The five year award winning VisiOn 4G is the most advanced robot of its class, for its quality design, accurate and precise motion simulation. It has two host controllers, five sensors, motion control, sensor feedback and image processing modules.

KT-X Pro - Level 1 KT-X PC - Level 2 VisiON 4G - Level 3
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KT-X Pro KT-X PC VisiON 4G

The KumoTek-X Gladiator PRO (KT-X) bipedal robot is the fully upgraded version of the popular KT-X series robots designed by KumoTek Robotics and Vstone.
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The all new KT-X PC was developed with the concept of providing both an internal PC and motor controller in a bipedal robot frame.
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KumoTek Robotics and Vstone of Japan have teamed up to offer the VisiON 4G "Advanced Humanoid Robot" to research institutes around the world.
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